Images and words are powerful means of expression;
the photobooks, including both are groundbreaking.

Artphilein Editions is a publishing house dedicated to producing photography-based books and artists’ books.

It was founded in 2013 by the director of the De Pietri Artphilein Foundation, with a view to collaborating actively with the artists in the planning, drafting and creation of distinctive artists’ books.

Artphilein Editions focuses mainly on subject matters related to the human impact on the environment; surveys on remote landscapes and border areas; critical investigations on current territorial transformations, post-colonialism and new geopolitical assets.
Amazonia, Yemen, Morocco, Angola, Scandinavia, China, Venezuela are few of the lands explored and published so far.

All the activities of Artphilein Editions are supported by the De Pietri Artphilein Foundation: a non-profit institution focused on the promotion of contemporary art.

You can order the books here: shop

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