G. Chietera, F. Tasca – The Point and Shoot Series

Title: The Point and Shoot Series
Photographs: Giuseppe Chietera, Fabio Tasca
Edition: 250: I-XXV (with 2 original prints), 1-225
Dimensions: 21.5 x 16.5 x 2 cm
Pages: 72 + 72 (2 volumes)
Language: English, Italian
Publishers: Artphilein Editions, Lugano
Year of publication: 2019
ISBN: 9788894375947

The Point and Shoot Series, the new book by Fabio tasca and Giuseppe Chietera, is a 15-year long deep observation of those peculiar and common features that characterise the western “peripheral” landscape which is only apparently ordinary and standardised.
The work – described by the authors as “A journey into contemporary marginality, full of pop suggestions” – contains 80 images.

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