Delio Jasse – Cidade em movimento

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Author: Delio Jasse
Title: Cidade em movimento
Edition: 225 + 25 hand numbered special editions
Dimensions: 29.4 x 24 cm
Pages: 74
Language: English
Year of publication: 2017
ISBN: 9788894084368

Cidade em movimento
 is the first artist’s book by Delio Jasse. His cyanotype photos offer a vibrant portrait of his home town, the restless city of Luanda.

“Luanda is an exercise of memory. Being away for a long time has created different images of this metropolis in my mind.
The images of a remembered Luanda and the new images of the city are standing in front of my eyes and my camera.
It’s crowded, chaotic, surfaces and spaces merge together.
Post-colonial history overlaps with the past and with a new and fast history of progress.
These layers really interest me, not just as physical entities but also as memories and visions.” (Delio Jasse)

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